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Duchess was was spending weeks every month putting together marketing material to be printed for their stores. Their spreadsheet was hundreds of sheets long and the process was owned by one person. We helped them build software that is easy to use by anyone in the organization.

Ohio Lottery

Ohio Lottery was fighting to update the functionality of the Cash Explosion game show built years ago. We helped them reimagine the platform from the ground up using modern technology.


Keim Lumber needed a partner that could extend their unique offerings to a custom e-commerce experience. We helped them build software that integrated with their existing systems and provided their customers with a tailored experience.


Continental Tire wanted to upgrade their dealer education portal to make it easier to use for everyone. We helped them build a new experience that improves the experience for everyone.

Marvin Keller

Marvin Keller had an idea about how to improve their workforce, encourage veteran drivers to share info with new drivers, and incentivize safety and performance. We helped them build a mobile app and management dashboard that brought all of this to life.

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