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Our Team 

We're a team of expert designers and developers who care about the details. We believe they can make all the difference.

Ryan Schmidt - Founder & CEO

Ryan Schmidt

Founder & CEO
Year 16

Builds things to help others build things. Likes meat, electric cars, and crypto.

Skylar Wuebker - Product Manager

Skylar Wuebker

Product Manager
Year 9

Too weird to live, too rare to die. Award winning bourbon drinker.

Zachary Minner - JavaScript Application Developer

Zachary Minner

App Developer
Year 8

Simple man who speaks only of Algorand NFTs, cats, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS.

Brent Miller - JavaScript Application Developer

Brent Miller

App Developer
Year 8

Besides hating beer & coffee, just a typical white boy that never provided a site bio.

John Young - Web Developer

John Young

Web Developer
Year 5

Loves making things, breaking things, and most of all fixing things.

Patrick Tighe - Web Developer

Patrick Tighe

Web Developer
Year 5

Enjoys building anything on the frontend. No longer on a diet.

Matthew Baber - Product Owner

Matthew Baber

Product Manager
Year 3

Loves to create things. Ask him about taxonomy, for hand drawn maps, or his fresh pasta recipe.

Adam Jackson - JavaScript Application Developer

Adam Jackson

App Developer
Year 3

Bird nerd from Australia. When not birding, you'll find him programming in React.

Lukas Murdock

App Developer
Year 2

Passionate about programming and the pursuit of knowledge in various domains.



The curious and self motivated fit in well on our team. Interested?