Foxtrot Insight

A project management platform to help track and measure time, tasks, projects, and revenue.  


FoxTrot Insight


  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • GraphQL
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • Firebase
  • Retool

Tailored Project Management Suite

FoxTrot Aviation has built a successful business cleaning aircraft at airports across the US. They needed better project management tools than what were already available. The platform we built together allows them to help them track and measure time, tasks, projects, and revenue.

Key Features



Easily track and manage work orders with a comprehensive dashboard. View schedule, costs, and ongoing tasks to help you manage projects easier.

foxtrot dashboard

Technician apps 

Using iOS or Android, Technicians clock in automatically when they arrive at the hangar, can view photos and details on each of their assignments, and even sign work orders right from their device.


No Internet? No problem. 

Everything works offline to provide the important info even when there's no service in the hangar.

Customer apps 

Customers can track their work order progress and easily communicate with customer service.

new customer request form
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