We built a dynamic platform to collect donations at live events in a new and unique way. It’s changing the donation game!  




  • React.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Firebase
  • Stripe

The Problem

12VC didn’t have a way to easily and securely accept donations during live events, causing frustration among donors and leading to missed fundraising opportunities.

Our Solution

We developed a live event giving platform that allows donors to easily make donations during events, using a secure payment gateway and real-time analytics to track progress. The platform is highly customizable, allowing event organizers to tailor it to their specific needs and branding, while also offering seamless integration with social media platforms to help maximize reach and engagement.

Campaign Creation Tools 

Easy-to-use tools for creating custom giving campaigns

Campaign Creation From

Real-time Campaign Progress Tracking 

We built an page for viewing that real-time progress of the campaign and actual donations as they come in.

12VC Live Campaign Page

Multiple Donation Options 

Donors have multiple options for donating - providing flexibility and allowing greater donation oportunities.

12VC Donation Form

Mobile-Friendly Design 

Whether viewed on a 200 inch screen or your iPhone, 12VC looks great and performs even better.

12VC Live Page - Mobile
12VC Donation Form - Mobile

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