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Frontend Web Developer

SKYCATCHFIRE designs and develops clever websites and applications for big brands you’ve heard of and small companies with big ideas. Founded in 2010, SKYCATCHFIRE is a team of designers and developers in Canton, Ohio who get excited about solving problems by designing and coding creative solutions.

Position Summary

An experienced Frontend Web Developer will be able to jump into our workflow and immediately start contributing alongside the rest of the team. We’re building fully responsive, great looking sites and utilities, and doing our best to one-up ourselves with each project we launch. We care just as much about the process of how we build solutions as we do about the end result.

In this position, you will work on a team with other skilled web developers and constantly be challenged with interesting problems. We’re all passionate about learning new technologies and techniques so you’d be learning and contributing a lot in a very collaborative setting.

A typical day may go something like this…

  • Roll in around 9am and scope out the kitchen to see if anyone brought donuts.
  • The music playing at the shop could be anything from metal to rap. We don’t judge. Unless it sucks.
  • Back at your desk (or couch) you’d fire up VS Code on your MBP, spin up your latest project with npm run debug to get to work building some of the coolest sites for the coolest clients, brands, and products.
  • Throughout the day you’d be submitting PRs to GitHub, moving cards in Trello, checking in with multiple teams on Slack, and throwing new tracks on the office Sonos.
  • Around lunch, we might start cycling through the usual spots: Canton Brewing, Fat Heads Brewing, 3 Brothers, George’s Lounge…
  • Around 4 or 5 we start talking about patio beers.

Common Tasks

  • Develop a Progressive Web App using Angular and Firebase, pop it into an iOS wrapper, and send it out via TestFlight
  • Contribute to a Drupal 8 site for a luxury car manufacturer
  • Animate parts of a page to bring a marketing site to life
  • Refactor old and crusty code with new ES6 features in our “fire” components and commit to our shared GitHub repo
  • Make edits to a global retailer’s campaign site that will withstand 5k/views/second
  • Comb through Untappd’s API docs to develop a new tool for a big time, local brewery
  • Build a beautifully complex, fully responsive website that someone told you wasn’t possible


  • Constant desire to learn new technology and methods
  • Detail oriented with the ability to take a task from start to finish
  • Git (GitHub)
  • Currently located in or near Canton, Ohio. In this position, you’ll work with us at HQ.

Bonus Points

  • Bootstrap - we love using pieces and parts of BS4 for efficiency and standardization.
  • Drupal - most of our sites are powered by Drupal 8
  • Angular - if it’s not a Drupal site it’s probably built using Angular
  • Firebase - because live data is cool
  • Shopify - our go-to platform for e-commerce sites
  • Mad /giphy skills on Slack (or a desire to learn)

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Casual office environment
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More About Us

We’re a chill crew that gets really excited about the work we do. The culture is casual about serious stuff and very serious about creating stuff that impresses our clients and our peers. We challenge each other to be better. We obsess over how we build because we know it makes what we build even better. We’re a small team and we like that. We also like to get out at least once a week for a team lunch and, when we’re able, we skip out early to grab a pint. It’s said that we’re different than most companies. We would agree.